Jodi Callahan, PhD, ACC
Supporting Leaders and Organizations at the Point of Choice
When you reach an inflection point, a moment of choice, a time to jump, the right support can make all the difference

Jodi will be there to support your decision making, your effective action and your sense of well-being through it all

Jodi Callahan is a certified leadership coach and executive consultant specializing in leadership assessment and development. She has 20 years of experience working with leaders and organizations, supporting them in making important decisions, big moves, and large or small changes in how they operate.
  • Managers resolve to be more effective in leading their teams
  • Executives decide they want to find better alignment between their values and how they spend their time and energy
  • Or they are so immersed in their busy lives they have lost sight of what they truly value and want to create
  • Rising stars get promoted and want to continue to excel, but secretly fear they've reached their level of incompetence
  • Professionals decide they want to play at a higher level, make a bigger impact in their organizations and communities
  • Companies want to select just the right individual to fill a key vacancy
  • What is the move you're ready to make?
Using data, deep listening, insights gained from working with hundreds of leaders across a wide range of settings, and genuine personal interest, Jodi helps individuals and organizations make the moves that are right for them - the scary moves with uncertain outcomes or the difficult changes that have been understood but not undertaken. With the right support, big things can happen.